The firm prides itself as having one of the strongest team of energetic lawyers. The team members work in close interaction and conjunction with the Banking, Financial Services and Markets team to provide integrated but essential legal services.

We therefore intend to be enrolled as Legal Counsel in your esteemed institution and thereby obtaining an opportunity to utilize and expose our skills with excellence.

The firm’s service covers the following in short:

• Corporate Advisory
• Corporate Compliance
• Corporate Secretarial
• E-Commerce
• Employment
• Energy and Infrastructure
• Insurance
• Intellectual Property
• Private Equity and Investment
• Registration of Corporate Mortgages/Charges
• Telecommunications and Broadcasting
• Banking
• Commercial Transactions
• Arbitration (international and local)
• Taxes and Vat Matters
• Customs related issues
• Development Projects
• Joint Developments
• Joint Ventures
• Leases
• Mortgages
• Project Finance
• Property Restructuring
• Retail Transactions
• Search and Report from Land Registry
• Civil Matters both in Judge court and High court.
• Criminal Matters both in Judge court and High court.
• Writ Matters
• Real Estate issues
• Company Litigation

Fernhill also gained expertise in the following matters :

Government Liaison & Lobbying:
We have a dedicated, highly experienced government relations team for assisting clients with lobbying efforts and steer company growth. We act as a liaison between clients and different Miniseries, Authorities and offices of the government, and use communications and media relations approaches in the lobbying efforts. We are committed to grow our client’s effective relationships with relevant government agencies, trade associations and coalitions involved with their agendas.

Our responsibilities as a Liaison Firm
• Advocacy
• Develop, maintain, and intensify contacts with relevant government institutions and authorities, representatives of other;
• organizations, civil society organizations and resource persons to facilitate access to legal and regulatory information for our clients;
• As a government Liaison firm, we are responsible for liaising on our client’s behalf with various regulatory authorities, including but not limited to all Ministries, NBR, other authorities at central and government levels where required to facilitate smooth implementation of client’s agendas, including timely approvals of Principle Agreements, Sub-agreements and Memorandum of Understanding and other permissions.

Our responsibilities as a Lobbyist Firm
• Growing relationships and collaborating with various parties involved with clients' programs.
• Growing and executing lobbying strategies for clients.
• Representing clients before various authorities, government authorities, agencies & Govt. Ministries.
• Ensuring clients' policies and positions are shared with government officials and appropriate parties.
• Researching and examining legislation and regulatory proposals.
• Attending events and meetings such as public hearings.
• Participating in advertising campaigns. And working to influence opinion leaders.

Legal and Regulatory compliance
• NBR, SEC, Bangladesh Bank Authorizations
• Anti Money Laundering
• Market Abuse, Insider dealing and trading
• Solvency checks
• Bribery Act & Foreign Corrupt Practice
• Foreign account tax compliance

Due Diligence
• Commercial Advice and Due diligence on contract negotiation/renegotiation
• All aspects of operational due diligence
• Independent on-site due diligence assessments of acquisition targets or outsourced service providers
• Assurance regarding service delivery capabilities
• Technical due diligence
• Valuation of IPO and regulatory bodies

Risk Management
• Forensic accounting services including Fraud Investigation
• Internal Audit
• Outsourced and co-sourced risk management solutions
• Design and implementation of pragmatic
• Risk and governance frameworks Assessing the effectiveness of existing risk frameworks