Businesses are now a days evolving and devolving with the technology and telecommunications in a global flavor. In this context Bangladesh is a country of export where international trade lies in the heart of it’s growth and also where global business negotiations are playing vital role for success.

Keep this in mind, I always try to accumulate a pull of consultants who has tested knowledge of global business transactions, experience & presence to formulate a unique consulting firm with a wide range of professionals from different sector to deliver one stop services locally focusing Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Power in Bangladesh. One of our core aims to deliver not only just services under legal compliance but also advance with a philanthropic approach.

Our philosophy and ethics are guided by our values. The values are to satisfy our clients with always adding values and taking business problems away. All these exist from the very beginning of our venture since 2010. We have been formalizing our CSR & Sustainability thoughts, so that we can keep good precedents for the generations ‘Y’ and our followers will be directed by our consultants for the better shape in future.

We are determined to fully utilize the talents of all our people as they are the real assets of our firm. With our encouragement together, we can make a genuine contribution to our clients, business partners and stakeholders for our own wellbeing and for the sustainability of the world in which we live and operate.

We will continue to take our protagonist as a responsible consulting house seriously and encourage our employees; clients, partners and stakeholders to play their part to achieve common goals to operate. We will only be able to meet the challenges of sustainability in the foreseeable future with a comprehensive understand and full commitment of everybody.

Thank You.

Advocate Maruf Hasan, ACCA
Fernhill Consulting House